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Dr Norms

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Safe and Reliable

It’s important to note that not all companies are as committed to your safety as we are.

With the lack of government regulatory protection, you can feel confident that with Dr. Norm’s, you are buying safe and reliable products that have been rigorously lab tested.

We guarantee the potency of our products and that they contain no pesticides, solvents or foreign contaminants.

Designed for Maximum Effectiveness

We source our hemp from organic farms, grown in the USA. All of our products contain zero THC and formulated to be free of unnecessary or filler ingredients.

We employ the use of CBD in multiple forms, whether organic, broad spectrum oils or pure, isolated CBD molecules.

Led by our customers’ responses and current research, we design each product to have maximum effectiveness and bioavailability.

Family Legacy

We started Dr. Norm’s to honor the legacy of our parents, who were both healers in their generation.

Dr. Norm, our dad, was a medical doctor who showed us the importance of supporting the health and well-being of his patients with great personal care.

Our mom Audrey was a pharmacist and a “famous” cookie baker. Through her beloved cookies and her altruistic practices in the medical community, we learned the importance of deliciousness, giving a little extra, and adding a dose of love to all that you create.

With our parents’ legacy to inspire us, we bring you this expanded product line – with the promise of lots more to come.

We hope that Dr. Norm’s CBD products will become an integral part of your health and wellness routine!

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