Pain & Inflammation Relief Capsules

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100% Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, and Free Trade
Proprietary Water Soluble & Bio-available Technology
20 mg CBD / 157 mcg CBG / 100mg Turmeric per per capsule.

• 100% Water Soluable = more bio-availability = more potency with less volume
• 20 mg CBD / 157 mcg CBG / 100 mg Turmeric per capsule
• Zero Traces of THC
• Fully legal in all 50 states & will not show up on any drug test
• Works on pain from x2 sides & inflammation from x3 sides (concert effect)
• Also contains Organic: Turmeric, Frankincense, Corydalis & GABA
• Improves mood and relieves pain naturally with no side effects
• Zero “heady” or high feeling – no sleepiness – you feel calm focus
• Perfect for post workout recovery or general muscle soreness
• Also works well for: aches, pains, chronic pain, nerve pain, anxiety, hyper tension, muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, muscle fatigue, stress, ADHD, insomnia

UltraLifeSport Pain & Inflammation Capsules are loaded with so many organic and natural and 100% Water Soluble healing compounds, you won’t believe how well they work. 20 mg of our Nano Absorption Technology pure CBD. 100 mg of Water Soluble Full Spectrum Organic Turmeric. Our Proprietary Water Soluble formula addresses the issue of CBD oil not being digestible in the digestive tract. Full spectrum oil has been shown to provide 5-10% total uptake and absorption, whilst water soluble CBD shows a much higher rate at 90-95% absorption and uptake. CBD has shown in many clinical studies to relieve pain and inflammation. We believe in compounding the CBD with other copasetic substances. Using Corydalis to help with pain. Frankincense and Turmeric for inflammation, and GABA to calm to the Nervous system.

All of these compounds working in concert create a natural pain and inflammation killer that you have to try to believe. We can confidently tell you that it works better than most prescription pain killers, but with zero known side effects, and no drugged, or drowsy feeling whatsoever. Easy on the stomach and won’t ruin your intestinal flora. As with all of our products, these capsules are 100% free of THC, are 100% Organic, are safe and legal for use in all 50 states, and will not show up on any drug tests. Our packaging is also made from 100% (PCR) Post-Consumer Recycled material, and are also 100% recyclable as well, because we love the environment as much as we love you!



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