Beyond Limits Focus Capsules

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100% Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, and Free Trade

•  All compounds are 100% Water Soluble = more bio-availability = more potency with less volume
•  Added Trace Minerals for maximum absorption
•  10 mg CBD / 157 mcg CBG / 595 mcg CBC
•  100 mg Bacopa / 100 mg Cordyceps / 20 mg Turmeric
•   No Caffeine – Intense but calm focus with no jitters
•   Zero “heady” or high feeling – no sleepiness – you feel calm and clear of mind
•   Works to calm the nervous system and create energetic, but calm focus in the mind & body

UltraLifeSport is proud to bring to market a proprietary blend of Water soluble CBD along with the powerful Adaptogens Bacopa & Cordyceps… with added Trace minerals (for maximum absorption) to add a powerful tool to your arsenal of wellness, weather it may be staying focussed for your studies or getting the maximized results you are looking for at the gym.

Beyond Limits Focus Capsules

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