No bathtub? No problem! Here are 3 AMAZING ways that you can use your CBD Bath Bomb at home! Kisa shows us 3 amazing “tub-less” ways to use a bath bomb on this pilot episode of CB-DIY (a show where we teach you how to use your favorite CBD products).


If you work with your hands or have arthritis this is an INCREDIBLE way to alleviate aches and pains. Not only will it ease discomfort it will also soften and moisturize dry, rough hands. SCIENCE! The two main ingredients in bath bombs are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid and are responsible for the fizzy bubbles we all love. Why do you want this you ask? Well, as Kisa explains, as the fizzy bubbles pop the essential oils are released into the air creating a full body experience, enticing multiple senses. 

It doesn’t have to be a New Year to let this ball drop! Bombs away Kisa! Check out the cool vibrant colors as the bomb dissipates into fizzy bubbles, it just may be the best part about bath bombs! Kisa soaks her hand and arm up to her elbows but you can feel free to soak whatever part of your body you’d like! The Enchanted bomb will be sure to ease any skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis!


On your feet all day or night? A foot soak will do you right! PRO TIP: Conservation Matters! If you’re only planning to use a bit of water to soak your hands and/or feet parse out your bath bomb into halves or quarters. You can also soak your hands and feet at the same time! SCIENCE! Epsom Salt is composed of Magnesium and Sulfate which helps to induce serotonin, partially responsible for allowing you to feel serene and happy. Packed with oils, like Coconut and Vitamin E, the Enchanted bombs will help with any dry, rough patches. Essential oils will leave feet smelly fresh and non stinky!


Full body soaks are absolutely the best, but when no bath tub is available, there’s a really easy option: use a Kiddie Pool! A $10 kiddie pool will allow for a full body submersion when no bath tub is available. These can typically be found at your local discount department store such as Walmart, Target, etc. for a nominal price —  typically around $10. SCIENCE! Epsom Salt helps release toxins from the body helping to improve blood flow, clear sinuses, and even encourage mental wellbeing by stress reduction. Reap all the benefits of Epsom Salt by making sure to rub it in all over! 

Again, take a moment to enjoy the bright purple colors that flow from the Lavender Bath bomb! That smell and color are enough to get the serotonin flowin’. 

Quarantine and Self Care! Kisa has got it right for sure. The world is definitely experiencing a lot of unprecedented things at this time and what a better way to relieve some stress than in a kiddie pool with a bath bomb? After just a few minutes, Kisa is already feeling more at ease!  To maximize results, we recommend soaking for at least 30 minutes. Kisa takes it a step further and massages the goodness in; it’s recommended for maximum enjoyment.

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