We’ve just released episode 2 of CBD APPROVED and it’s all about Bath Bombs! On this episode, our lovely host specifically reviews Enchanted CBD bath bombs and all of their amazing flavors. Let’s see how these these high dosed bombs compare to Cassy’s current fave, Lush bath bombs. 

Taking self care to the next level, Cassy is a connoisseur of comfort. Her prior experience with CBD bath bombs was full of skepticism that it’d do much (in contrast to their huge pricing markup) until she began incorporating them into her Self Care Routine. Now she is aware of the benefits such as improved sleep, relaxation, and noticeably softer skin. Packed with 200mg of CBD, Enchanted bath bombs leave you feeling super relaxed and rejuvenated, similar to how a full body massage feels. 

Got Aches or Pains? Cassy recommends the Enchanted bath bombs for your grandma and your mom! At $16, per bomb, they can be pricer than others but when compared to a full body massage, these are a done deal. With about 4x the amount of CBD, compared to other CBD bath bombs, these are the highest dosed available on the market. Conscious of pricing, she gives up the break down of each and every scent Enchanted CBD has available so that you can be sure to purchase the smell you like! 

First up, Green Dream. This bath bomb was just too dreamy for Cassy to resist, so much in fact that this scene isn’t seen in the video. You’ll have a tough time resisting the Pineapple, Mango, and Pomegranate combo as well, we’re sure of it! This fruity combo uplifts spirits an rejuvenates like no other! Sounds like paradise! 

Second, Rose. This romantic, sensual bath bomb can be best used before a night out. Cassy loves how it leaves her smelling, and her skin so soft and sparkly – perfect for those closer moments. 

The next scent up for review Blue Dream composed of blueberry, apple, and cotton candy essential oils. Using this  will leave you smelling so sweet you’ll wonder if you taste like candy. 

Last but not least, lavender. Lavender is best known for its aromatherapy properties helping with anxiety, insomnia, and overall restlessness. Use this Lucious lavender bomb right before bed to induce a night of amazing sleep. 

Rounding off the video listing the remaining ingredients found in the Enchanted Bombs, Cassy explains each one’s purpose. Though these bath bombs aren’t technically vegan containing goats milk, they are a favorite! All 4 scents of Enchanted Bombs reviewed can be found at online the ShowGrow Marketplace using this link: https://showgrowmarketplace.com/product/cbd-bath-bomb-250mg-4-scents/

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