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7 thoughts on “Vendor Dashboard

  1. Big Chief says:

    Hey Aldo, Idk what was going on with your vape pen but I’d like to get you another. I apologize for that. Send over a shipping address!

  2. blaquemystique11 says:

    I love their cbd 250 lemon infused! I have anxiety and it just takes the edge off to where I feel leveled out. it is excellent for me. i will be a long time customer.

  3. Fabian Reyes says:

    Been 5 days order hasn’t got here it says expected 3 days an I don’t even have a usps tracking number thanks

  4. jared brizuela says:

    still processing after a week. Terrible customer service and no reply to my question. I want my money back if my order doesn’t ship.

  5. Jessica Tutewiler says:

    Same here. It has been 3 weeks since i placed an order and no one will answer my questions either. Its a joke and probably a scam!!

  6. Colby Naranjo says:

    It’s been 3 weeks closing on to a month and my order is still not here. Where is my order man. There’s no way it’s still processing after 3 weeks just give me my bread back Gangsta.

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