The latest research says that CBD can be used to ease the symptoms of multiple medical conditions, such as arthritis, stiff joints, muscle pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), and more than fifty medical conditions. In fact, a study discovered that 62.2% of users used cannabis for chronic pain alone. This leads to the inevitable question: can CBD benefit senior citizens manage chronic pain? 

How CBD Improves the Health of the Elderly

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It has the ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system receptors, hence, proving that the cannabis plant does influence several functions of the body. As CBD binds with the ECS receptors, it can reduce chronic pain in seniors. However, CBD does more than just reduce chronic pain in seniors. Let’s take a look at all the ways that seniors can benefit from using CBD.

6 Ways the Elderly Can Benefit from CBD Use 

Following are all the health benefits seniors can receive from using CBD:


  • Reduces Blood Pressure 


Heart disease and high blood pressure have become a common ailment in adults in the United States. People who suffer from high blood pressure have an increased chance of developing a heart condition. CBD is a natural and effective treatment for reducing blood pressure. Its antioxidant properties can prevent the death of cells due to oxidative stress and decrease cardiac inflammation. With no cells dying in the heart and a regulated blood pressure due to CBD, your overall heart health improves.


  • Strengthens Bones 


The likelihood of developing osteoporosis increases with age. As we grow older, our bones become fragile and brittle and lack minerals and vitamins. If an elderly person falls, they may experience severe pain and possible fractures. CBD promotes bone health by strengthening bones and quickening the healing process of a fracture. 


  • Soothes Pain


CBD can be used to alleviate joint pain and similar health conditions, including arthritis. With almost half of the senior population in the United States suffering from arthritis and over 80% of them living with chronic pain, CBD can work as a natural medicine to soothe and reduce their pain. 


  • Boosts Energy Levels 


Mood swings happen more frequently in the elderly and if prolonged, they can develop a mental disorder and experience emotional withdrawal. CBD can increase energy levels and improve behavior.

Seniors are likely to feel neglected, isolated, and lonely because of their limited role in society. CBD can correct these behaviors by interacting with the receptors to calm and relax the mind, mitigate stress, and improve cognitive performance. Although CBD can improve their mood, nothing replaces the human touch. 


  • Ensures a Good Night’s Sleep 


As seniors age, they sleep less. They may develop sleep disorders caused by a chemical imbalance due to prescription drugs, along with other medical conditions. Having a good quality sleep is important because your body restores itself and eliminates toxins while you sleep. 

If a medical condition causes the elderly to lose sleep, it can affect their health. Although they can rely on medication to help them sleep, taking too many medications can also become dangerous down the line. CBD is a safer, natural, and better way to induce sleep by eliminating conditions that lead to sleep deprivation in seniors. such as stress, restlessness, anxiety, and general body imbalance. It also eliminates the need for seniors to take sleeping pills.


  • Improves Glaucoma


CBD improves glaucoma in seniors by decreasing the intraocular pressure in the optic nerves. This is one of the top causes of blindness in seniors over the age of 60. High intraocular pressure is an underlying cause of glaucoma. 

Glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disease that deteriorates the neurons within the eye, resulting in visual impairment. CBD can decrease the pressure in the eye and slow down the degenerative process. CBD is a good option for seniors looking for long-term treatment of the increased pressure in the eye and who need immediate relief from its symptoms.

Why Should the Elderly Turn to CBD?

Since CBD is organic, it assures more sustainability. CBD can reduce the symptoms of various medical conditions. People can use it as an alternative to traditional medicine or as a supplementary medicine. 

With most seniors already taking too many medications, the side effects of each medicine can overlap each other, leading them to rely on even more medications to reduce the pain. CBD can help the elderly manage their medicinal intake. 

Is CBD Use Safe for the Elderly?

Yes, CBD is safe to use as it’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD also promotes holistic balance in the body. Other benefits of taking CBD include managing mood, appetite, and nausea. There are no such risks involved with taking CBD, apart from some feeling tired. However, seniors turning to CBD for chronic pain alleviation should look at the other ingredients added to the product.

Different Ways That Senior can Take CBD

CBD edibles, topicals, smoking, and capsule forms are the four ways that seniors can use CBD. In an edible form, they can get gummies, mints, truffles, candy, gum, and more. In a topical form, they’ll need to apply it directly to their skin. In a smoking form, they’ll have to use a vaporizer with CBD oil or smoke CBD in a joint. In the capsule form, they just need to swallow the pill with a glass of water. It is best to choose a method that one finds most suitable and effective for them.

The Correct CBD Dose for Seniors

Determining the correct CBD dose requires time and experimentation. It is recommended to start small and increase the dose gradually until you have found the correct dose that works for you. You can also supplement the CBD product with a CBD topical to receive maximum pain relief. 

CBS is a low-risk treatment method with the ability to treat several health complications related to age. Senior suffering from a painful medical condition should give CBD a try. 

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